Here you’ll find success stories from real OK Tech clients so you can learn just how we help businesses like yours succeed through effective IT and exceptional customer service

Exactly What We Needed

“In the medical billing sector, an ‘always-on’ web infrastructure and reliability is crucial not only to our clients' income stream, but to our company's credibility. I approached OK Tech because with our recent increase in business, I needed a more robust, reliable backup and disaster recovery system. When I received their first proposal, I knew they were spot-on, and the final installation was exactly what we needed. I feel secure that they have my interests at heart and are always there for me.”

Jennifer Bates
An Outstanding Company to Work With

“Since we have been hosting The Sports Announcer with OK Tech, we naturally turned to them to update our website. Since launch, our business has grown and, without fail, each new client raves about our website and the ease of navigation. In addition to being remarkably talented and responsive to our needs, OK Tech has been an outstanding company with whom to work.”

A.L. Hazlip and Meg Hazlip
Changed My World

“I can't express to you enough how your system has changed my world. I absolutely love it, thank you! And your staff is easy to work with, patient, and very helpful.”

Stacey Baxter
Striker Land Services
They Manage Our IT Environment

“Revsuppliance outsources resupply and compliance for the DME/HME industry. We chose OK Tech to develop our core call center and shipping software, as well as manage our IT environment on a daily basis.”

Russell Parker
Excellent Service Over the Years

“The staff at OK Tech is always friendly, available and quick to respond no matter how big or small the request... Thank you for all the excellent service over the years!”

Stephanie Schmidt
RedSky Land, LLC

“You are amazing! Thank you so much for your help.”

Deborah Vallia
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