Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

Don’t let a disaster put you out of business for good
Fire, hardware failure, flooding, theft, malware attack — the list of disasters that can damage or even shutter your business is endless. A catastrophe like one of these befalling your business could wipe your financial records, client information, and apps, as well as prevent you from providing services to customers. The downtime and lost revenue could mean the end for your business, but not if you have a contingency plan. You can’t protect your company and its vital data from every possible disaster, but you can prepare for them so that their impact is minimal.
OK Tech’s data backup and disaster recovery solutions make sure no disaster can put you out of business for long. We’ll implement advanced, automated backup systems that regularly, quickly, and unobtrusively replicate your vital data to highly secure storage facilities. When catastrophe strikes and you need your backups, our advanced disaster recovery tools and planning assistance ensures you are back in business in hours instead of days.

With Data Backup and Disaster Recovery services from OK Tech, you get:

93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss go out of business within five years. Don’t be a statistic — contact OK Tech and we’ll help you get ready for anything so you can protect all that you have built.

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