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The OMPA was created for the purpose of providing an adequate, reliable and affordable supply of electrical power and energy to Oklahoma’s municipally owned electric systems. They chose Red Earth to develop a new billing program that would meet their needs going forward in the new millennium. Over the course of 12 months Red Earth worked with OMPA staff to successfully deliver a mission critical application that OMPA financial personnel rely on every month to manage the billing cycle for their customers.

John Vansant
Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority (OMPA)

RACK59 is a Tier 3 Co-Location Data Center located in Oklahoma City. They chose Red Earth to manage their internal Information Technology systems and assist with their SOC certification. Red Earth technicians with RACK59 personnel and systems on a daily and weekly basis to keep their data center running smooth, 24x7x365.

Margie Kachelmeyer
Operations Manager

Revsuppliance outsources resupply and compliance for the DME / HME industry. Based in Oklahoma City, they have grown into a company with customers nationwide, who depend on them daily for managing thousands of patients. They chose Red Earth to develop their core call center and shipping software as well as manage their IT environment on a daily basis.

Russell Parker